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Drone application solution development team

Company Introduction

“The Industry Operation 4D Accelerator – Drone Application Solution Designer” is an innovative international team affiliated with 7A Drones Service Co., Ltd. Originally developed under the support of the Taipei City Government’s entrepreneurial subsidy program, the 7A Drones team successfully completed the research and development of smart agriculture UAVs. Establishing a new type of agricultural protection service team, the project received recognition from investors, leading to the establishment of a new entity. Dedicated to tailoring exclusive drone application solutions for various industries, the team enables industry operations to break free from two-dimensional frameworks and elevate to three-dimensional spatial operations. The conventional operational methods are disrupted and redefined, collectively creating a unique four-dimensional operational solution that navigates through both time and space. This transformation aims to accelerate efficiency and increase profitability for industries.

The core competency lies in the design and development of small-scale customized drone application solutions. The team possesses interdisciplinary expertise in aviation, mechanics, electronics, and more. Furthermore, they bring extensive practical experience in the design, production, operation, and maintenance of various drones over the long term.

The execution advantage stems from several years of collaboration with operational partners in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, electricity, police, firefighting, and other industries. Through this collaboration, the team has gained a deep industry understanding during the creation of innovative three-dimensional operational solutions for industries. Coupled with patented technology, certifications, and a closely coordinated industry supply chain, they are establishing a drone application service ecosystem in Taiwan. Looking ahead, they plan to leverage their years of international trade experience and networks to expand internationally.

The primary product offerings include design and development services for drone application solutions. Tailored to the diverse needs of different clients, the delivery encompasses various items, including design, components, complete drones, and application consulting.