Company Introduction

  • 7A Drones Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing global drone application solutions. We integrate local technological industries, harness advanced Taiwanese technology, and employ innovative thinking to tailor aerial solutions for various industries. Our goal is to achieve all-Taiwan manufacturing by 2024 to realize sustainable goals in low-carbon supply chains, allowing Taiwan’s drone industry to better align with international standards.
  • The company’s inception was rooted in advancing drone-integrated technological applications, improving existing business models, and committing to sustainable development while promoting the core values of ESG (Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance). We believe in human-centric solutions and are confident that the application of innovative technology can bring more efficient and intelligent solutions to various industries, achieving both business success and societal progress. Our pursuit is not only excellence in product performance but also positive impacts on society and the environment while achieving business objectives.
  • In alignment with national policies, we actively cultivate local youth and promote technology enhancement in local communities. Through activities such as primary school camps and community outreach, we aim to bring technology to communities, integrating the drone industry into local areas and fostering the application of human-centric technology development. We hold a sense of social responsibility, committed to promoting the combination of technology dissemination and humanistic care, realizing a broader and beneficial impact of technology in society.

Core Value

Total Solution

  • At 7A Drones, a comprehensive solution is our most critical core value. We closely integrate three-dimensional thinking with various industrial technologies, collectively committed to addressing challenges faced by different industries. With a robust engineering and research development team and integration capabilities, we can deliver diverse solutions required worldwide. This is not only our commitment but also our responsibility to society and customers.

Company History