Multi – task drone

Composite material structure design, effectively resisting sudden tension.

Equipped with an advanced swarm system and a comparable flight controller.

Special folding arm design, convenient for movement requirements.

Multi - Task Drone


marine rescue

publicity campaign

performance with smoke trails

Modularization of the Unmanned Aerial Platform

7A Drones’ currect custom drone model is based on a modular design, where the flihgt platform and mission payload are conceived as distinct modules for the entire aircraft.

Flying Platform

This primarily utilizes aircraft equippted with flight control computing that conforms to UTM(Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management) regulations.

Mission Payload

The mission payload is principally designed based on task-specific functions and an operating mechanism that aligns with industry service standards.


Empty weight
Maximum takeoff weight
Arm span
Folded size
Intelligent battery quantity

(7 kg/each/16000mAh)

Height detection equipment
remote control equipment and frequency
hover time
Maximum flight speed
Maximum takeoff altitude
7.5 kg
16 kg
110 CM
138 (L)* 138 (W)* 64 (H) CM
60 (L)* 60 (W)* 64 (H) CM
1 each

(7 kg/each/16000mAh)

Barometer, pseudo-radar
MK 15
frequency:5.8 G
17 - 30 minutes
10 meters /second
2000 meters